What we Offer

Some things never go out of fashion. Great yoga is one of them. Based on the Hatha & Iyengar yoga traditions we take you back to where it all began with our offering of classes designed to allow time to explore and really understand each pose in full.

In a Vinyasa class you can expect a flowing style practice with a different mix of poses each time with a focus on coordinating movement with the breath. The flowing element of moving from asana to asana gives a rhythm to the practice, builds heat and encourages the practitioner to quiet the mind and focus.

If you are looking to practice Ashtanga yoga in Perth, Yogahub is the place. We teach classical Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga supported by a focus on anatomical function and alignment. Power yoga, vinyasa yoga and many other new variants of yoga use Ashtanga as their sourcebook.

A Mysore setting is a traditional way of practicing Ashtanga yoga that offers a highly personalised approach without the cost of a private lesson and with all the supportive group energy created in a conventional class.

Yin yoga draws from a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophy framework. Yin yoga is a restorative and meditative class characterised by long supported pose holds that gently stretch and revitalise connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and fascia. Unique to this style of practice we allow the muscles to remain at ease while holding the posture in a restful state.

Trauma sensitive yoga works in conjunction with conventional clinical therapies to support healing by gently assisting survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a safe supportive environment. This unique yoga therapy supports the body to feel safe, strong and comfortable and teaches people how to recognise and modulate arousal that is felt in the body.

Non Linear Movement is a gentle and effective somatic practice that smoothes out the nervous system, and allows the practitioner to safely identify and process emotions, thoughts and sensations to move the practitioner towards full aliveness and a greater sense of embodiment.

Sound is the MOST efficent way to relax! Throw your workweek behind you and head to Yogahub on the last Friday of the month as we deliver up our super elixir of yoga and sound healing – or as we like to simply call it – MAGIC!

Meditation involves placing the mind in a calm and concentrated state in which our mental energies and can be renewed and transformed. Yet meditation in its proper state is very hard to attain. Prana, the universal life force (also known as Chi or Qi by other systems) is carried on the breath and sustains the life within us.