Vinyasa Classes in Perth

In a Vinyasa class you can expect a flowing style practice with a different mix of poses each time with a focus on coordinating movement with the breath. The flowing element of moving from asana to asana gives a rhythm to the practice, builds heat and encourages the practitioner to quiet the mind and focus.

The advantage of this style of practice, is that you get to try a wide variety of poses and different pose combinations, practice at a different pace and learn different ways of entering and exiting poses. Thank you for being so much FUN Vinyasa Yoga!

With Vinyasa yoga intensity levels can vary widely between teachers as the teacher determines the program for each class. Often a class will have a theme, such as hip opening, core work or back bending. The teacher will often offer several options for exploring poses catering to differing ability levels in the same class.

If you prefer a led yoga class, with novel creative sequencing each time, then Vinyasa yoga may be the yoga for you. While some previous yoga experience may be helpful, none is required to attend a Yogahub Vinyasa class.

Look for the following classes on our timetable

Fire Flow – Level 2

Flow Motion – Level 1/2

Friday Slow Flow Level 1

Align & Flow Level 1/2/3