Pranayama and Yoga Meditation

Meditation involves placing the mind in a calm and concentrated state in which our mental energies and can be renewed and transformed. Yet meditation in its proper state is very hard to attain. Prana, the universal life force (also known as Chi or Qi by other systems) is carried on the breath and sustains the life within us.

Prana literally ‘fuels’ the mind. In Sutra 1.2 the great yogic sage, Patanjali stated yogaś citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ. This sutra describes how the state of yoga is attained when the fluctuations of the mind are suspended. Meditation is not just a matter of closing one’s eyes and sitting silently. It requires first that we harmonise the body, the prana and the senses.

Developing a regular ‘sitting’ practice and learning pranayama techniques that regulate the breath allows us to effectively settle and clam the mind. The powerful breathing techniques of Pranayama provide the prefect tool for preparing the body prior to meditation. In addition, learning pranayama and meditation together can suddenly make meditation accessible and possible for those have struggled to reach a meditative state.

In course is delivered as four 2 hour classes over four weeks. You will learn.

  • What is a healthy versus a dysfunctional breathing pattern.
  • Various kriya, pranayama & meditation practices from the tantric yoga tradition.
  • Practice across the lifespan.
  • The energy system of the body.
  • The cosmological principles that underpin pranayama & yoga meditation.
  • Using the whole system of yoga as a tool to progress your humanity and spiritually.

The course is experiential and participants will leave the course with a manageable sitting practice to continue on with.  As well as insight on how to progress in their own time after the course.

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