200hr Teacher Training

Our 200hr Teacher Training is fully registered with Yoga Australia. The training starts in late August 2024 and is 12 months in duration.

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“There are millions of methods and very few principles. Master the principles and you can learn any method.”

Deep Unhurried Learning

Honest Embodiment

Create Peace By Being Peace

Conscious Loving Community

Our Training

The Yogahub 200-hour program delivers holistic unhurried learning across the whole system of yoga. Trainees will graduate with a true embodied knowledge of yoga, a high practical skill level, and ongoing meaningful mentoring relationships with trainers as they embark upon their teaching careers.

We have tried to strike a balance between convenience and meaningfulness in the delivery of our 200hr Training. Perhaps, and proudly so, offering training that is a little ‘old fashioned’, in the sense most senior trainers themselves were originally trained over longer periods of time than what is offered in most trainings today.  In designing the delivery of the training, we seek to give trainees the opportunity to assimilate and integrate the content of the program by delivering the program across a generous timeframe, fostering deep unhurried learning. Our 200hr Training is delivered as in person training. Which we view as essential in foundational training. 

Group numbers for the 200hr program is strictly limited to 12 participants to ensure quality of delivery and that one-to-one attention can be amply provided to trainees. In addition, the trainee is supported to develop and mature in their own practice under the guidance of a senior teacher over time. Which we view as an important factor in training great teachers. 

Who is it suitable for?

While you don’t need and advanced level of practice to participate in the program, it is advised to enter the program having been established in regular practice for at least 6 months.

Whilst, the training offers a strong grounding for aspiring teachers, the training is also suitable for students that seek to deepen their own practice, and undertake focused studies into anatomy and yoga philosophy, without the intention of teaching.

All people and all bodies are welcome at Yogahub. Differences across gender, sexual preferences, ethnic backgrounds, and ages are celebrated and welcomed.

A brief description of what you will learn:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga physiology
  • Principles of alignment and yoga techniques
  • Pranayama and yoga meditation techniques
  • History and philosophy of yoga
  • How to sequence classes
  • How to teach yoga
  • Practical spirituality of yoga and how to apply it to your life.
  • You will also learn a great deal about your own practice and body.

What You gain from our training?

200hr Teacher Training Certificate from Yogahub and Sarcha Thurston.

A strong and meaningful grounding in the whole system of yoga setting you up for a lifetime of practice and the ability to confidently share your gift should you choose to.

Ongoing relationships with senior trainers and mentors as you navigate your yogic path.

Eligibility to register with Yoga Australia from the first day of your training.

Profile listing on our training register so the public can find teachers we have trained.

Continued education pathway for joining our 6 month 150hr Mentorship Program that follows.

Is this You?

by a yearning to deepen your own practice as well as teach others

towards embodiment as a tool of expression and full aliveness

about the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga and how they can enrich your life and practice.

to prioritise your personal development as a basis for being an authentic teacher of yoga.

about embarking on a path of study and practice conducive to personal exploration and practice.

for quality, in depth instruction from established and successful teaches with decades of experience at the top of their industry.

to undertake deep unhurried learning with us by your side every step of the way.


$4500 Including GST

Perks 20% discount on Access All Areas Membership for the duration of your training.

Course Training Dates

2024 Training | Begins 17th August 2024 | Graduates 29th June 2025

Module One (2024)

Saturday 12:30PM – 3:30PM & Sunday 1:00PM to 4:00PM

17th August (Sat only)

24th August (Sat only)

7 & 8 September 

14 & 15 September 

28th & 29th September 

5th & 6th October

Module Two (2024)

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 6:00AM to 7:15AM

7th  to 21st October (8 classes)

Module Three (2024)

Saturday 12:30PM to 3:30PM

9th November 

16th November 

23rd November 

30th November 

7th December 

14th December

Module Four (2025)

Sunday 12:00PM t0 2:00PM

1st February 

8th February

15th February 

Module Five (2025)

Tuesday 6:30PM to 8:30PM

4th March

11th March

18th March

25th March

1st April

8th April

15th April

22nd April

Module Six (2025)

Sunday 12:00PM to 2:00PM

23rd March

30th March

6th April

13th April

27th April

4th May

11th May

18th May

1st June

8th June

15th June 

22nd June

Graduation (2025)

Saturday 12:00PM to 2:00PM

29th June 2025

Upcoming Free Information Sessions

Saturday 12:30PM (30 mins)

3rd Feb 2024

2nd March 2024

25th May 2024

Sunday 12:30PM (30 mins)

14th April  2024

Or get in touch to organise an alternative time to meet in person with Sarcha.

Getting Started

Please send us an email and introduce yourself. We will send you a detailed prospectus containing all the information you might need to make an informed decision about the joining the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

We recommend all prospective students to attend one the short free information sessions that run regularly in the lead up to the course commencing in September. This way we can find out more about why you wish to achieve with the training and answer all your questions.

Ready to Apply?