150hr Mentoring Program

Our 150hr Mentoring Program for Yoga Teachers is fully registered with Yoga Australia. Applicants can join the program on a rolling basis over the year.  Depending on when you start your program it will take between 6 and 12 months to complete. You can apply any time.

This program is designed for yoga teachers who are seeking more personal training and one-to-one mentoring from our highly experienced teaching faculty to build on skills gained in foundational yoga teacher training. Our mentoring program is strictly limited to 6 people to ensure our participating teachers have an immersive and meaningful learning journey, and graduate with an intellectually integrated and embodied knowledge of yoga, that can be applied in both teaching and practice.

“There are millions of methods and very few principles. Master the principles and you can learn any method.”

Deep Unhurried Learning

Honest Embodiment

Create Peace By Being Peace

Conscious Loving Community

This program has five important areas of focus

Teaching and responding to the individual person

Trainees will work with real students alongside the senior trainer in classes that are not ‘led’, but comprised of individual practice and teaching, in a group setting. Therefore, the trainee will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice teaching and adjusting under the direct guidance of the senior teacher on various bodies of varying age and ability. The teaching is client catered, progressing, and modifying the practice in the best interests of the client’s health and wellbeing. The purpose of this section is to promote learning through observation and direct instruction from the senior teacher as she works with real students. The trainee will be guided, observed, and encouraged to provide teaching and adjustments to the senior teacher’s students within the range and scope of their skills and confidence.

Skilful and intelligent sequencing

Lean to teach our signature classes at Yogahub. Working with our team of skilful senior teachers, we will teach you sequences for our most popular yoga classes and, support you in developing your own class plans. After this module you’ll be encouraged to fill in teach for staff teachers at Yogahub.

Deeper studies into the most important spiritual texts of yoga

This part of the program focuses on taking you deeper into Sanskrit chanting, Patanjali’s Sutras and Vedanta Studies. This is important because if a client asks a question about a philosophical/spiritual aspect of yoga, a competent yoga teacher will be able to answer it. In addition, yoga philosophy is deeply rich with wisdom that we can draw from to grow spiritually in the right direction. These ancient teachings are still highly relevant for making sense of the modern world today. Therefore, study yoga philosophy will also help you live a great life!

Therapeutic Specialities

This section offers trainees two speciality therapeutic modules to inform your teaching. Trauma in the Context of Yoga & Pain Science and Application to Yoga.


A requirement of the program is to devote some time to progressing in your own practice under the guidance of an advanced practitioner / senior teacher than yourself. There is no better person to learn from that one that has already walked the path before you.

Recognition and Accreditation

The Yogahub 150hr Teacher Training program is fully recognised and registered with Yoga Australia. Australia’s peak professional registration body.

Who is it suitable for?

The training is suitable for any yoga teacher holding a minimum 200hr qualification.

We do accept applications from yoga teachers who have trained outside of our organisation. As our training is highly personal, and we only mentor small numbers of student’s applicants are invited to meet up in person with Sarcha so both parties can assess suitability for working together.

All people and all bodies are welcome at Yogahub. Differences across gender, sexual preferences, ethnic backgrounds, and ages are celebrated and welcomed.

What You gain from our training?

150hr Mentoring Certificate from Yogahub and Sarcha Thurston which can be used towards advancing your standing with Yoga Australia.

Greater sophistication, improvement and understanding within your personal practice.

The development of tools for deepening your personal commitment to practice fostering greater independence, and autonomy as a both a practitioner and teacher who ‘walks their talk”.

An increase in your overall knowledge of yoga, and the skills and confidence to teach yoga.

Ongoing relationships with senior trainers and mentors as you navigate your yogic path and yoga teaching career.

Profile listing on our training register so the public can find teachers we have trained.

Is this You?

by a yearning to deepen your own practice as well as teach others

towards embodiment as a tool of expression and full aliveness

about the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga and how they can enrich your life and practice.

to prioritise your personal development as a basis for being an authentic teacher of yoga.

about embarking on a path of study and practice conducive to personal exploration and practice.

for quality, in depth instruction from established and successful teaches with decades of experience at the top of their industry.

to undertake deep unhurried learning with us by your side every step of the way.


$3000 Including GST

Perks 20% discount on Access All Areas Membership for the duration of your training.

Course Training Dates

As the intake is on a rolling basis each person’s schedule may vary slightly. Please email us for a current schedule of training dates.

Upcoming Free Information Sessions

2024 Dates (all welcome, simply show up)

Saturday February 3, 12.30PM (45mins)

Saturday March 2nd, 12.30PM (45mins)

Sunday April 14th, 12.30PM (45mins)

Saturday May 25th, 12.30PM (45mins)




Getting Started

Request a prospectus and let us know you are interested.

Let’s meet up for cuppa and see if we are a fit for working together. We recommend all prospective students make time for a short informal meeting to discuss their goals and expectations. This also allows the opportunity for us to ask and answer any questions and to assess if we are the right trainer for you.

Curious? Let’s Talk! For details and a prospectus an appointment please contact sarcha@yogahubperth.com.au

Ready to Apply?