Mysore Practice Perth

A Mysore setting is a traditional way of practicing Ashtanga yoga that offers a highly personalised approach without the cost of a private lesson and with all the supportive group energy created in a conventional class.

Don’t be put off because you don’t know what it is or you’re yet to try it. While it can take a little to getting used to, once you are comfortable practicing Mysore you will never look back!

Let us tell you why.

The Mysore class is not led like a conventional ‘talk through’ yoga class. In a Mysore setting you’ll find students who are new to practicing yoga, moderately experienced students and those who have practiced many years all practising in quiet harmony together.

Because the teacher is freed from leading the group collectively, they are able to move around the room to correct, adjust and instruct each person individually. If you need a few minutes with your teacher to really grasp a posture or instruction they are able to focus on you one on one while other students continue on with their practice.

Progress is made when the teacher recognises a student is ready and the next posture is given. While we strive to honour the classical practice and linage we also seek ensure our students develop an anatomically precise and safe practice. At Yogahub our teachers will modify postures when appropriate for the student while maintaining the intention of the Ashtanga practice. In other words, if there is something you are unable to do, the teacher will give you an easier version.

After a short time of attending the Mysore class the teacher will come to know you and develop a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your yoga practice. For you – practising in this way gives you space to focus. Cueing from posture to posture using the rhythm of your own breath, rather than the teacher’s voice, allows your attention to turn inwards and increases the opportunity to develop greater self-awareness – ultimately allowing you to become your own best teacher.

Reasons to love (and to try) Mysore

  • The group dynamic provides a sense of community and support
  • Mysore style is for everyone because it teaches yoga according to one’s individual capacity.
  • It is the best method for developing a lifelong/safe yoga practice.
  • The Mysore format offers more opportunity to have poor alignment and function corrected.
  • You can progress at your own pace.
  • The room is quiet offering more opportunity for deepening your relationship to yourself and using your practice as a moving meditation.
  • Mysore practice helps you establish your own practice that you can take with you wherever you go.
  • It is simply the best way to start the day. Establishing a daily yoga practice that’s nourishes you physically, emotionally and mentally each day before you tackle your daily responsibilities is good for you, and will benefit everyone in your world.

It is up to you when you start and finish. Yoga Hub opens for the Mysore Class at 5.30am, you can start your practice anytime within the allotted class time providing you are finished by 7.30am.

Who is this class suitable for?

This class is for those who already have a foundation in practicing the primary, second or third series of Ashtanga yoga. You have the option to practice three, five or six times per week.

If you do not have an existing Mysore practice but would like to start we recommend you start with one of our excellent beginners courses. The Yogahub beginners courses will set you up with a strong basic practice you can then refine and build upon in our Mysore class. Moving directly from the early morning beginner course into the Intro to Mysore class is a great way to begin this process and take your first steps in making a connection to daily yoga practice.

If you are an Ashtanga yoga practitioner visiting Perth please drop by and practice with us.

These classes are taught by our principle Ashtanga and Mysore teacher Sarcha Thurston. You can read about her linage, approach and experience at