Devi – Explorations into the Divine Feminine 10|05


Experience heaven on earth.

Tantric adept and devotee Courtney Hahipene, invites us to experience her personal tantric practices of devotion to the divine feminine. In this three parts series Courtney demystifies the meaning and power of divine trinity of goddesses Durga, Saraswati and Laksmi. Learn devotional practices through chanting, meditation and mantra to embody and express the divine feminine on the earthly plane.

“Courntey has some special magic to her when she teaches. I can feel her passion for what she shares and it flows into me. She is highly inspirational and as I left the workshop on the Goddess Devi at the Yoga Hub, I desired to learn more about the magic of Indian philosophy. She weaved the story of Devi beautifully into an evening with a group of people, sitting comfortably on the floor absorbing her teachings in the candle lit room.” Regi Hill

“As a teacher, mentor, mother, lover, and business woman, Courtney shares her personal tantric practices inviting us to alchemise the mundane with sensuality, presence, and a grounded spirituality. What a lovely way to spend the hours, the chanting of mantras to cleanse the heart and gentle meditations on the feminine archetypes of the Hindu trinity. I am reminded that the purpose of theses teachings is not intellectual learning, rather to open one’s heart to be changed by what is received. Thank you Courtney”  ~ Sarcha Thurston


10th May 2024
6:45PM – 8:00PM


75 Coogee St, Mt Hawthorn


$40 inc GST

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