Wild At Heart Yoga Adventure Japan 2025


Yogahub is a close community of kindred spirits, and we love to adventure together. Our latest adventure awaits you and could be the most exciting one yet!


MAY 7- 15, 2025

Matsumoto, the second biggest city in Nagano, known as the roof of Japan, is a 3-hour train ride from Tokyo. There are many reasons for Matsumoto to be an unparalleled destination for our Wild at Heart Yoga Adventure Japan 2025.  Matsumoto is nestled on a backdrop of mesmerising high mountain ranges, set among significant history and nature experiences. Spectacular nature will certainly be the first thing to ‘wow’ you, however the region also offers delicious culinary experiences, avant-garde art and historical treasures unique to the city.

Traveling together with the comfort of our yoga community and friends from home, and with arrangements expertly detailed and managed, we venture straight ‘to the heart’ of this rich Japanese experience. 9-days of retreat travel, carefully curated for our carefree exploration and enjoyment at every step of the journey. Let’s go!

Retreat summary

The retreat starts in the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo. Welcome dinner at the neon-lit, bustling town of Shinjuku. Then, the next morning, we travel together for 3 hours by train to a charming castle town, Matsumoto. Let us be surrounded by wonderful views of the snow-capped Japan Alps and breathe in the fresh mountain air for the next 7 days.

For the daytime activities, three picturesque hikes in the background of spring colours, day excursions to the nearby highland plateau, and museum visits are planned to complement the morning or night yoga session.

Three hikes include the historical Nakasendo Way, Japan’s federal-era walking highway and the scenic Kamikouchi walking through the secluded valley, surrounded by towering mountains and pristine nature.

Free time is also planned for you to immerse in Mingei ethos. Mingei (arts of the people) movement started in the 1920s, with an emphasis on the idea that beauty was to be found in ordinary everyday objects made by nameless and unknown craftsmen – as opposed to higher forms of art created by named artists. Art for Ordinary people in ordinary life. Matsumoto was the centre of this art movement. Throughout the township, you will find Mingei art created by local artisans.

Matsumoto is also the birthplace of Japan’s contemporary artist, Kusama Yayoi, world famous for her fantastical polker dot art. The city offers an interesting contrast between subtle folk art and eccentric contemporary art.

Gentle hatha and yin yoga classes will be delivered most days by Sarcha Thurston, a level three senior teacher with Yoga Australia. No previous experience of yoga is required. However, please expect to walk up to 10 to 15 km on a hiking day. A good fitness level is required for this retreat, suitable for hikers and nature lovers and of course, Yogi’s!

This retreat is curated exclusively for Yogahub by Kuroko Boutique Tours.

Join us!


MAY 7- 15, 2025




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