Lori Della-Santa

With several decades of practice and teaching under his belt, Lori is one of Perth’s most celebrated yoga teachers. Lori began the practice of yoga in 1998, with Iyengar teacher John Leebold.

 Highly credentialed with an impressive resume of trainings from many renowned teachers,

 Lori completed senior training with Nicky Knoff, often assisting in the role of demonstration of techniques at her Bali retreats.

 He has also completed several visits to train at the Ramayani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, under the tutelage Geeta and Prashant Iyengar. He has also undertaken some training with Monica Gaucci and Gregor Maehle.

 Since 2011, Lori has completed 9 meditation retreats at the Jhana Grove Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre in Serpentine Western Australia with Ajahn Brahm, Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahmali in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition.

 A truly dedicated and authentic yogi Lori maintains a daily asana, pranayama and meditation practice incorporating what he has learned from his teachers.

 At Yogahub Lori teaches an advanced asana (level 3) class every Sundays at 8:30am.