Danica Cook

Danica has practiced a multitude of yoga styles for the past 30 years. Her journey began with Anne Horsley an Iyengar style of yoga. In between she has done everything from Hot Yoga to Yin, Hatha to Vinyasa, Therapeutic to Kriya, Restorative to Jivamukti. For the past few years she has been greatly devoted to Ashtanga under the guidance of Sarcha Thurston and Stacey Mackintosh.

She’s had many wonderful mentors along the way, in particular Matt Exley from Twisting Fish. It took her a long time to consider teaching yoga. When she looked into Sarcha Thurston’s teacher training at Yogahub she knew it was the right course for her, even if it was only to go deeper into her own practice.

Her strong focus is on yoga as a form of meditation and spiritual practice. Her endeavour is to remember who we really are beyond body, mind and ego. To get out of our own way to allow the unfolding of life in the highest way possible for the highest good of all. She draws greatly on the teachings of the masters, most notably Paramahansa Yogananda and Beloved Mooji.