Tamzin Mulder

Tamzin has taken the slow road to teaching, making her an exceptionally authentic and intuitive teacher. With 20 years of daily Ashtanga practice behind her in the Mysore tradition, Tamzin’s approach is one of both steadiness and grace — that only comes with a lifetime of practice. Her teaching is beautiful balance of experiential and embodied understanding.

Before join our team, Tamzin completed her 350hr training at Yogahub, mentoring with Sarcha Thurston and other senior Yogahub teachers.

“Initially I came to yoga as I was looking for a discipline. I came from a ballet background and after letting that go due to year 12 exams, I felt a bit lost. I tried gym, aerobics, boxing, and all kinds of exercise. Then I stumbled across yoga. I have been very blessed to have been taught and nurtured by extremely experienced knowledgeable mentors over the last 20 years of practice. I was very fortunate to learn about yoga in a pure and precise form that focused on alignment and breathwork. I was also taught that it is my yoga for my body and strongly embrace this principle in my teaching. My wish is that each student find their yoga for their body.”