Renae’s yoga journey began in 2002 when she discovered yoga through a beginners ashtanga course.  In the early years, Renae practiced yoga as a way to stretch in order to avoid injury from running and boxing but also enjoyed the physical challenge that ashtanga provided.

As the years rolled on, and her studies and later work as a primary school teacher became more and more demanding, she found herself retreating to yoga as a way to become more centred and to release stress and anxiety.  After teaching in the Pilbara for two years and experiencing a complete ‘burn out’, her return to Perth allowed a chance to immerse herself in yoga; it evolved into form of therapy & contributed to a period of intense self-growth.

With a new found passion to share the power that she had experience through yoga with others, she embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. It was here that she was able to totally commit and developed a strong and much deeper practice and understanding of yoga and meditation.

Renae specialises in yin yoga classes but also teaches a diversity of styles including hatha, vinyasa flow, ashtanga and power yoga. She also specialises in children’s yoga and teaches mindfulness courses in schools.  She caters to all levels by providing modifications and variations and enjoys working closely with individuals to help them to access their practice safely while encouraging them to find their ‘edge’ & the contemplative element of yoga.