Nicole Lamb

Nicole ‘Lamb’ Iovine is a widely respected activist having worked with some of the biggest names in the Australian dance industry, travelling the globe spreading knowledge of her experience whilst inspiring Young People to follow their creative path.

She has a unique and visionary perspective that drives her to assist others in pushing boundaries creativity whilst linking their personal core values. She is a committed and passionate advocate for creative expression for all humans with an empathetic focus to nurture our Young People. Her sense of altruism drives her to motivate and inspire those who cross her path to dream and create.

Having chosen such a physically active career it was inevitable injury would appear on her journey. This is when Lamb discovered the essence of Yoga. Nurturing 2 broken feet at seperate times, Lamb developed a sense of self/self healing throughout her struggle. This has left her with the understanding that pain is meant to be felt and truly assists the healing process.

Lamb is an internationally recognised Ashtanga Yoga instructor having completed 500hours TTC in Rishikesh, INDIA. Yoga Alliance accredited under the guidance of Yogi Kamal Singh & Sunil Sharma at Tattvaa Yogashala.

In 2013 Lamb founded OWLKEYME – a not for profit, charity with intention to empower individuals and communities to strengthen, develop and awaken their true purpose beyond illusion. From Yoga sessions, dance performances, hosting workshops to creative direction on large scale projects, choreography & assisting artists Lamb has broadened her skill set with the focus to only expand & grow not only as a performer but as a kind person. Lamb dedicates her time to serve those who have struggled, feel it, live it and let it go!

“Yoga is the romance between the body, the mind and the breath. Creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live life comfortably. Yoga is freedom. I am here to assist others seek release so that they can competently dance through life..” – LAMB