Eight limbs of yoga
A hub of tranquillity
Found on the pathway

Linc feels that his strength and passion is to make yoga accessible to everyone, even those who do not feel like they are going to be natural yogis because of the mental barriers that we put in place.

My skin wants the sun
Earth slowly turning upwards
Spring flower blossom

Linc loves asana, pranayama and meditation equally.

Night of a new moon
The bamboo forest dweller
Waits by the river 

“I have a passion and deep love for yoga and the philosophy behind it. I believe that this spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years is more relevant now than ever in this modern world, teaching us how to be kind to ourselves and the people around us while keeping us fit, healthy and happy.”

Breathe in, Ujjayi
Find that place in between breaths
Breathe out, let it go

The freedom that has come to Linc through yoga has sparked a passion for writing haiku poetry, something he could have not even attempted previously due to his inhibitions.

Stare into the fire
Rewind an eon, feel warmth
With your primal heart