Niamh Shaw

Niamh Shaw brings 20 years of practice to her extensive expertise as a yoga teacher, and she has served her community for over 30 years as Registered Nurse. Niamh holds a Master of Science, specialising in Musculo Skeletal Disorders and has honed her craft under the tutelage of many highly regarded teachers including Gregor Maehle, Monica Gauci, Sarcha Thurston and Satyen Del Monte; gathering over 850 hours of formal training across various yoga approaches to physical and mental health.

At Yogahub Niamh Shaw leads our highly regarded Healcode: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Courses, which offer an affordable, small group option for those suffering from trauma, PTSD, depression and fatigue.

“I am deeply attentive to the wisdoms of lived experience. I facilitate people to reclaim their bodies and inner experiences in a safe and sustainable way, through tailored and effective yoga modalities and integrated somatic therapies. My  work is grounded in evidenced based approaches, and I  hold this simultaneously with a deep appreciation yoga as spiritual path. Which I view as integral to truly healing. I am passionately committed to the path of yoga: A path that propels me forward continuously inspiring me to learn, grow and discover my inner divinity and to serve my community with integrity and care.”