Jasmine Pummer

A lifelong yoga practitioner, Jasmine has been formally teaching Hatha and restorative yoga since 2014 after completing her foundational training with Fremantle Yoga Centre.

Jasmine has a strong interest in the cross section of mental health, trauma and yoga and has maintained a steady trajectory towards a specialised skillset in the area of evidence based, therapeutic yoga. The majority of her teaching is group classes but she also works in private practice with NDIS clients, working with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, autism, brain injuries and trauma and clients that have undergone cancer treatment.

At Yogahub Jasmine leads our highly regarded Healcode: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Courses, which offer an affordable, small group option for those suffering from trauma, PTSD, depression and fatigue.

Jasmine continues to enrich her knowledge through studying yoga therapy training under the guidance of Chandrika Gibson. In addition, she has aligned herself with several accomplished and sturdy mentors, including trauma therapist Satyen Del Monte, and Iyengar yoga teacher Kellie Brett.

Jasmine brings a calm and gentle presence to her work as well as invaluable lived experience.

‘Yoga teaches us to become more aware of our bodies and breath. It teaches us to observe how we move and where we don’t move, to pause, take rest and to be present. If we slow down the body and soothe the nervous system, deeply stored stress and tension is released. Yoga helps us to stay connected to ourselves and what we need on and off the mat.After experiencing burnout and suffering from trauma, I became interested in how trauma and stress can dysregulate the nervous system, affecting mental and physical health. A regular yoga practice has helped me to navigate stressful situations and has alleviated the symptoms of anxiety and depression that I have suffered from most of my life.’ – Jasmine