Elizabeth Arangio

Liz’s classes are a reflection of how she approaches life and all its ups and downs. Just show up on your mat as you are and meet yourself there. Everything else will fall into place.

Having been a gym junkie for years, the time came for Liz to find another sport (or a new set of knees) and so in 2010, she took a plunge into an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Gregor Maehle & Monica Gauci. She immediately fell in love with yoga as she discovered an effective method to get stronger and calmer through this ancient practice.

Come to class and Liz will hold a safe space for you through a grounding, rigorous practice infused with chanting and mantra not to mention an equal dose of light heartedness and zen. Liz continues to find new depths to her own yoga experience by learning from past, present and future teachers and students as well as exploring various modes of movement and dance. It is after all through our practice on and off the mat that we reap its rewards in living more mindfully and with grace.