Dominique D’souza

Dominique started her yoga journey in 2010 initially as a form of physical exercise however she immediately fell in love with the clarity and sense of peace that came from the practice. In 2014 she adopted a daily practice and during this time began to notice yoga moving beyond the mat and into her everyday life.

Through her daily work as an Occupational Therapist she realised that health and wellbeing needed a more holistic approach and in early 2015 travelled to Rishikesh to complete her first teacher training. This was followed by five months of further training in other styles of yoga, meditation and alternative therapies in Ubud. Dominique has gone on to complete a further 200 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa as well as a year long mentoring program with Dana Longton, owner of Sage and registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

Dominique’s teaching style is a blend of her own experience – drawing on the foundations of her traditional Hatha training and infusing it with a modern Vinyasa practice to create a dynamic flow. She is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, with modifications and adjustments for the beginner to the more seasoned yogi.