Christa Boles

Christa’s qualities of warmth and openness make her classes simply a lovely to place to be. With a natural confidence, and just a hint of mischief, Christa has a gift for building a sense of connection within her classes and bringing out the best in her students.

Having a background in gymnastics, dance and martial arts, Christa was fortunate from a young age to experience the powerful connection that exists between breath and movement. Being introduced to yoga by a close friend many years ago Christa found there was so much more to be discovered and she continues deepen her knowledge from Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga traditions.

Christa’s background in adult mental health has also ignited a keen interest in the philosophical side of yoga. Christa believes that the philosophical aspects of yoga are more relevant than ever in today’s modern world and can provide a rich source of practical information on how to live happily and with resilience.

“For me, yoga is a beautiful gift that continues to both give and forgive each and every day.

Yoga, with its intelligent, purposeful 8 Limbs, opened a window to something much deeper. I like to think of yoga as something akin to a warm, cozy jumper for my mind, body and soul. It just feels like the perfect place to be.

I continue to learn from and be inspired by the diversification of every person I meet in the yoga community, especially by those students who choose to take their first tentative steps on to their mats. It is a very special place to just be.”