Brett Young

Brett originally took up the practice of yoga to remedy 20 years of playing rugby and to “increase his flexibility”.  Along the way he discovered a deep appreciation for the both the physical aspects of yoga as well as discovering the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation practices, which has provided him with the tools to thrive as a neurodiverse superstar.

Brett completed his yoga teacher training at Flow Space, and is qualified to teach yoga and mindfulness to children and teens by Yogazeit, (a not-for-profit mindfulness education organisation). Brett has also completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training (Palousse Mindfulness, based on John Kabat-Zinn’s research-based mindfulness) and a Meditation Teacher Training Course at Perth Meditation Center.

“My interest in mindfulness grew exponentially and with it, my ability to apply it. Each lesson helped me to understand myself more and equally realise something I didn’t understand. Soon I was being educated in meditation, yoga and learning how to teach it to all members of society.

I appreciate my experience in the corporate sector as it has taught me great habits, discipline and an understanding of that environment. I use the facilitation and leadership skills I obtained to help me communicate my knowledge to others now.

I love being able to share the practices and perspective that has helped me so much in my life

My passion is to help the people I come into contact with to deepen their satisfaction with their life and by sharing mindfulness, I am following my passion every day”