Healcode Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Healcode: Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Saturday  12 pm – 1pm for 6 weeks.  See Events and Courses dates for upcoming dates.

Don’t just survive – Thrive!

“The memory of trauma is imprinted on the human organism… I don’t think you can overcome it unless you have a friendly relationship with your body”

Bessell A van der Kolk – Founder & Director of the Trauma Centre, Justice Resource Institute, Brookline, Massachusetts.

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What is Yoga and how is Trauma Sensitive Yoga Special?

Yoga is a non religious system of moving and breathing characterised by physical postures held for a brief period of time.  Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an empirically validated clinical treatment for complex trauma and treatment resistant PTSD.

Trauma sensitive yoga works in conjunction with conventional clinical therapies to support healing by gently assisting survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a safe supportive environment.  This unique yoga therapy supports the body to feel safe, strong and comfortable and teaches people how to recognise and modulate arousal that is felt in the body.

Our 6 week Healcode course effectively brings the body into treatment providing a holistic compliment to conventional talk therapies and can help support healing and recovery by;

  • Soothing the body’s alarm system
  • Learning ways to calm down and self regulate
  • Learning to be present and cultivate positive emotions
  • Increasing spatial awareness and body attunement
  • Practising making choices and taking effective action
  • Decreasing experiences of emotional distress and physical symptoms
  • Reduce activation of sympathetic nervous system, muscle tension & blood pressure
  • Improves emotional regulation skills and impulse control

Healcode is held at the beautiful Yogahub in Mount Hawthorn.  The studio space is a peaceful and serene with plenty of natural light, wood floors and indoor greenery, with all yoga equipment supplied.  The studio is well located to public transport, free parking and local cafes.

Healcode is designed to support participants who are already undergoing therapy. Speak to your health professional today about your suitability for the Healcode Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course at Yogahub.

The Healcode course is delivered by Satyen


Satyen is a medical doctor and level 3 senior registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia; a Transformational Therapist who has also studied Tibetan Energy Work and Tantra whilst living with his Master in the Himalayas.

Satyen has been teaching for more than 25 years and started to work specifically with trauma in individual yoga sessions and small groups about 5 years ago. He has worked with  body-oriented psychotherapy methods in groups and individual sessions since the early 1980’s. Satyen continues to study closely with renowned  researcher in the field of Trauma and the developer of Somatic Experiencing Training, Peter Levine.

Bookings & Information

To book go to our events & courses page.

If you would like more information about this course please email us at hello@yogahubperth.com.au / or simply call us on 0435 096 074  Please be sure to include your name and phone number and a suitable contact time. Should you wish to book straight into the course, please make sure you include your contact number as we will contact you prior to the course for a brief chat about information that is relevant to joining the course. This pre-course conversation also allows the participant the opportunity to share any sensitive information they might prefer to convey in private.