What’s On Your Mind: Practical Sessions from Science, Psychology and Life

The Human Mind: A User’s Guide.

This 6-week research based and practical course has been designed to help you live life with more awareness.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Be happier and more content – practical hints on how to change your thinking to be more positive, and how to embrace both the positive and the negative
  • Live with more awareness and attention – social construction of how we form our “self”/”identity” and how to change that script if it no longer serves us and suggestions on how to improve your relationship with yourself
  • Knowing me – knowing you – theories of personality and personality tests and ideas on how to improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve your relationship with others – key skills for recognising and managing your emotions and improving your relationships and ideas on how to enhance your conversational skills and to be more confident
  • Recognise and overcome stress and anxiety and stop worrying – practical outline of how we can use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on ourselves and relaxation and breathing techniques to enhance your life
  • Get a good night’s sleep – sleep is our best resource. Hints on how to get a better night’s sleep, why we dream, and how various drugs (such as caffeine and alcohol) influence our behaviour and thinking
  • Make better decisions and be more effective – practical tools on how to manage your time, money and energy. Goal setting and measuring success. Social influence and conformity, ethical issues and much more
  • Change your brain – Neuroplasticity – Research based hints on how to keep your brain alert and active, be more creative and manage the ageing process

About your teacher: Dr. Mary Flaherty is a psychologist, educator, life coach, researcher, yoga instructor and motivational speaker. Over the past 30 years she has lectured in universities in Ireland, UK, USA, Japan and Australia and has given numerous workshops and public presentations.  Her research has focused on a broad range of psychological topics, including deafness, reading problems and body image issues. Her particular interests are positive psychology, wellbeing and meditation. She has held membership of the Australian Counselling Association, American Psychological Association, International Coach Federation and Australian Psychological Society.


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15th October to 19th November, 2019
Tuesdays 7:30PM to 9:00PM
6 classes over six weeks
Teacher: Dr Mary Flaherty


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


$180 inc GST

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