What’s My Purpose?

When we are born, we come into the world with natural tendencies and inclinations. These characteristics make us who we are. However, as we grow we are influenced by the world around us. These influences mould us and make us who we are today, but this is not who we are, it’s who we’ve become. 

As a result we feel inadequate and unfulfilled. We rely on external validation and approval from others. We want to fit in and be liked by everyone we meet. Thus we put on an act to impress, while trying to camouflage awkward feelings of inadequacy.

The desire to fit in and be accepted prevents us from being who we are. It limits us and holds us back from achieving our potential. Our task, therefore, is to peel away the layers of influence and conformity to reveal our authentic self within.

Join us for this transformational workshop and discover your purpose in life — for greater peace, joy, abundance and contentment.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to realise their potential. Especially parents who want to help their children live a fulfilled and happy life.  

What People Say:

“I was trying to find inner peace for years and wondered if it would ever happen to me. But after listening to Meredith, it happened like a switch button. So quickly everything started making sense… And today I feel so peaceful and happy.”— Camila Ciacola

“The Truth resonates with Meredith, as she gives us the knowledge and faith to rise up to be who we really are. Great classes. Great teacher.”— Lee East

“It’s not often I rate anything as 5 star, but for me the intellectual growth and realisations I experienced from these workshops has had a profound effect on my life and way of living as a whole. What else could be considered 5 star?”— Will Wilson

Workshop Facilitator:

Meredith Forder is a philosopher, stress and self-management consultant, who has spent many years in India studying the ancient wisdom of Vedanta. Vedanta is the science of life and living. Today Meredith presents workshops and courses on practical Vedanta, offering insights into our modern-day epidemics — stress, anxiety, fear, addictions and depression — and providing refreshing ways to overcome them. 

Watch Meredith in action

Event Info


Sunday 24th February, 2019
6:00PM to 7.30PM
with Meredith Forder


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


$44 inc GST

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