Kevin James Voice Workshop 11|02


Improve and open your voice, reconnect to your true self through sound, clear emotional blockages and give your energy centres a clearing and tune up with the power of sacred tones and mantras.

The introductory workshop involves a deep journey into the AUM and what Kevin calls the “Chakra Voice Exploration”, meditation for cleansing the mind and also toning sacred sounds as a way to find emotional harmony and stability.

Kevin will share his profound insight into the nature of sound and the connection it has to every part of our lives.

You will be supported to open up to an effortless way of singing and connect to your natural voice with emotion and feeling (the essence of Bhakti). You will learn how this has a direct connection to your true authentic self and how you relate to life.

For the last part of the workshop we will put this angelic voice into practice singing mantras & heartsongs.
You will come away from this with a daily practice that you can do by yourself at home.

OPEN LEVEL – An interactive workshop for all levels, perfect for anyone interested in healing through sound.



Sunday 11th February 2024
3:30PM – 6:30PM


75 Coogee St
Mt Hawthorn


Cost $60
Cost Members $55