Keys to a Contented Life – From Science, Monks and My Mother 09|09


Book Launch: Dr Mary Flaherty

All of us want to be content, but few of us are.


In her insightful and personal book, Mary Flaherty offers readers a recipe for a contented life drawing from her 40-year career as a psychologist, a lifelong mediation practice, decades of interactions with monks and mystics as well the folk-wisdom of her own mother.


The book launch evening will include a fun, informative and practical talk about how to live a more contented life. Strategies informed by science, personal stories and insights will both entertain and leave you with ideas that you can immediately put into practice in daily life. Come along for an informal evening with like-minded kindred spirits.


Draw for door prizes and giveaway of posters of the 12 Keys to a Contented Life


“Keys to a Contented Life from Science, Monks and My Mother” can be bought at a reduced price at the launch. There will be some short readings from the book and signings by the author. 20% of royalties will go to Coral Soul, a non-profit marine organization.


“Keys to a Contented Life” contains not just good science, but also draws on the wisdom traditions, literature, poetry. This makes the book really stand out from others in the “self-help”/psychology genre and stimulates self-enquiry and reflection. Applying the 12 proven “Keys” will help retrain your brain to be more content and happy and possibly change your life.




“This book is a gem. Mary has done the world a great service writing it. Brim full of sound advice … She has drawn on her encyclopaedic knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, and literature to bring us this beautifully written book. It will be of interest to everyone who wants to live life to the max.”

– PROFESSOR ALAN CARR, Psychologist, author of Positive Psychology: The Science Of

Wellbeing and Human Strengths


“A comprehensive and thought provoking overview of the potential power of more optimistic thinking”

– PROFESSOR NIALL TUBRIDY, Neurologist, author of Just One More Question: Stories from

a Life in Neurology


“I wish I had learned this stuff 30 years ago. It would have made my life much easier to navigate and enjoy.”

– WORKSHOP ATTENDEE on which the book is based


Available from Amazon stores worldwide in print, kindle and audio formats


Saturday 9th September
6:00 to 8:00PM
With Dr Mary Flaherty


75 Coogee Street
Mount Hawthorn