Song to Soul Women’s Choir

“We don’t present our voices to the audience we resonate our souls” – Thomas Hampson
We will be sharing a part of ourselves.
We will be empowered by our own story.
We will be singing our hearts out.
We will know the peace within.

Song to Soul Womens Choir runs as a course. Participants come together once a weekend form a safe circle where we will talk briefly, then sing bravely. Connecting our voices, our strengths, our vulnerabilities and the love within us.

When we allow ourselves the joy of self expression through our voice, it has the potential to awaken parts of us that may be dormant or neglected. Through our voices there is the possibility of accessing deep wisdom, and with this wisdom comes transformative power.

Song to Soul is led by Perth’s own singer/songwriter, Natalie Gillespie. Natalie spent many years touring the world with super group Yothu Yindi and today performs and records with her own band and in various collaborative projects. Natalie’s skill, warmth and humour are inspiring and under her lead the choir is full of magical and joyful experiences.

This choir is a hugely popular destination on our calendar. If more love and joy is on your agenda, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

“I have just finished the 6 weeks Soul Singing course with Natalie Gillespie. I was enchanted to say the least. I love, loved, loved every second of it. I was among women, sharing our voices, singularly and together in speech and song in a very sacred communal place. Stories and song interwoven in our heartbeats and our breath, we were invited gently yet paradoxically powerfully to partake, allow ourselves to be, to shine… I found it magical. This was facilitated by the benevolent Natalie. She has that unspoken yet felt soul who spoke deeply to my soul. And my God, I bellyached laughed at her tellings, cushioned in this sacred space. Now that to me is a rare talent. I shall be at another Soul Singing 6 weeks.”

– Niamh

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75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn, WA


$185 inc GST

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