SOMA Sessions: Heart Resonance Frequencies

Globally recognised Frequency Musician Tenille Bentley works with science and the ancient wisdom in offering her transformative meditation concerts. Combining vocal latticing, technology and frequency-based instruments, Tenille uses her unique gifts to transform the inner landscape of her audiences, delivering them to a deep state of inner peace.

The use of science based frequencies allow audiences to enter the delta and theta states promoting stress release, whilst each tone played from the ancient Solfeggio Scale balances energy and harmonises the mind, body and spirit.

Tenille’s music is richly influenced by her ancient origins from the Ngapuhi tribe and by her French operatic great great grandmother who once travelled with the great Caruso.

Having collaborated with artists in Paris, New York, Florida and Australia wide, Tenille’s work has delivered transformative and life enriching effects connecting audiences to the collective journey of love and transformation around the globe.

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Sunday 14th July, 2019
11:45AM to 12:45PM
with Tenille Bentley


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


$25 Inc GST

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