Soma: Heart Resonance Frequencies

Join Tenille at the beautiful Yogahub, a gorgeous setting to take you into the melodic world of healing frequencies and the power of sound.

Tenille will take you on a one hour journey with sounds from around the world and unique frequencies that have said to be transformative. With her maori culture woven into her work she takes you on a deep connecting journey to your heart and your inner culture.

Quickly becoming a unique and globally recognised Frequency Musician bridging science and sound she delivers inner peace and wellbeing to her audiences.

She uses the science of frequency through her instruments, in her vocal toning, vocal latticing and technology. She uses the infusions of sound, but not any sound, science based frequencies that are shown to impact at a subatomic level. Within 20 minutes of this work her audiences brain wave activity can drop into delta and theta state where they will experience the release of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

Her sound journey takes her audiences on a sensory journey that leaves them feeling transformed aligning with her goal of bringing peaceful strategies to the world through each individual to impact the collective macro of our human family.

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Sunday 20th October, 2019
2:30PM to 3:30PM
with Tenille Bentley


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn, Wa 6019


$25 inc GST
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