Mādhura: Divine Sweetness of Sound

Explore the hidden connections of Emotions, Feelings and Sound through the Science of Nada Yoga – and experience a state of divine sweetness (Mādhura). Become the composer of your life and create harmony between your Body, Mind and Soul.

Nada yoga is a continual process of going inward and outward through listening and expressing: it is the sound that provides the map, the points of reference, by which we recognise our own experience and that of others.

This guided session with Yogi Dev will take you through the Nada Yoga journey, which starts, from listening to gross sounds, and then listening to subtle sounds and finally listening to your inner Sound (nada). Using the techniques and practices of ancient Indian Naad Yoga, discover the power of sound, map the dynamics of your expression and experience your inner Naad.

Nada yoga embraces the ancient Indian musical system of Ragas. ‘Raga’ means ‘mood’, and each raga evokes its characteristic emotional state by employing a particular combination of notes with rules of tone and emphasis. The Ragas has deep influences on the Chakras (energy centres), it helps energise and nourish chakras, maintain its balance, and enables to clean the energy blockages.

Discover the Sacred Art and Science of Inner communication with nada yoga.


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Sunday 9th june, 2019
6:00PM to 7:30PM
with Yogi Dev


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


$44 inc GST

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