Soundscapes: The Art and Science of Sound

Learn how to integrate the power of sound into your professionals and/or personal life!

The science of sound … mostly the fun bits! All about crystal singing bowls, how to look after them, clean them, charge them, play them and use them!

How to use your voice with confidence for healing, releasing emotional and physical pain and creating an awesome life!

How to integrate sound into your personal and the work you are already doing with others.

A quick overview from Nicole..

The sounds from these instruments are created with the intention to ENTRAIN the BRAIN into a relaxed state. Let me explain:

Sound therapists LOVE to create “wah wah wah” sounds. These “wah wah wah” sounds are basically very slow sound waves… around .5 – 16 cycles per second (Hz) depending on how fast the “wah wah wah” is going!

Brain waves are also measured in cycles per second (Hz)! When our brain waves are about 8 – 12 Hz (the Alpha state) we feel relaxed, alert, in the present moment, rather than when we are in our “normal” doing, busy state which is 12 – 38 Hz (the Beta state).

When you hear a sound that goes “wah wah wah” your brain then “entrains” (moves towards) that slower cycle per second. Just like when you listen to music with a steady strong fast beat your body, heart beat, brain waves also start entraining to that faster beat – you can’t help but tap your foot in time with the music or start dancing!

These sound sessions hold the opposite intention of the fast music you hear at the gym or night club where people go to move fast, work-out, be excited, get that “rush”! The intention here is to SLOW down the brain, heart beat and body. And these instruments do this job VERY WELL! Even the most stressed out person is able to relax because the “wah wah wah” sounds from the instruments relax their brains for them! No effort required!

These sounds also balance the body…every cell in the body! Remember that we are made of 70% water and when you put water inside one of these bowls and play it you can see the beautiful, geometrical shapes created by these sounds. If you look at the science behind Dr Masaru Emoto’s water crystals you will see what I’m talking about!

This workshop is perfect for:
Yoga teachers – integrate sound in your classes
School teachers – perfect way to calm your classroom
People who are unwell or caring for someone who is…
Health professionals – support your clients with sound
Massage therapists – integrate sound in your work
Mothers – use sound at home to stay sane! And to nurture your children.
Anyone who is drawn to these beautiful instruments and would like to know more!


27th November, 2022
Sunday 12:00PM to 3:00PM


75 Coogee Street
Mount Hawthorn


$125 Inc GST