Let There Be Magic! Slow Flow and Sound Yoga Nidra 29/7


Throw your workweek behind you and head to Yogahub on the last Friday of the month as we deliver up our super elixir of yoga and sound healing or as we like to simply call it MAGIC! Unwind your body, supercharge your spirit, and dive deep into sonorous bliss with a magical double dose of yoga and Sound Yoga Nidra. Come to both or just the Sound Yoga Nidra it is up to you!

This extended session will start with a sweet and juicy slow flow practice with Fiona Stirling. Weaving elements of myth, poetry and wonder, come on a journey dissolving physical and mental tension, and be gently guided towards greater clarity, self acceptance and love.

Perth’s highly acclaimed composer and sound therapist Nicole Lloyd will transport us off the planet and into our own hearts with her exquisite collection of crystal singing bowls, flutes, glass instruments, drums and gongs. This is an experience like no other. As Nicole weaves her magic we guarantee you will melt into a meditative state of sonorous bliss, deep relaxation and healing.

Did you know that Sound Yoga Nidra works on three levels?

The natural infrasound waves (vibration) of the live instruments create a no touch massage and may provide relief for muscular aches and joint pain. Quantum physicists have long theorised that the smallest particles in the body are not actually particles but sound waves that hold larger particles together that have a similar resonant frequency to the Sanskrit sound, Om. By bathing our bodies in different tones we can tone our energetic system. Sound Yoga Nidra re-engages your own healing process through the power of deep rest and meditation.

Sound is the MOST efficient way to relax!


Friday 29th July, 2022
5:30PM to 7:45PM
Slow Flow 5:30PM – 6:30PM
Sound Yoga Nidra 6:45PM – 7:45PM (arrive 6:30PM)


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


Sound Yoga Nidra Only $25.00
Slow Flow and Sound Yoga Nidra $40.00
Free for Access All Areas Members