Pain in the Context of Yoga 21|07


A professional development course for yoga teachers, yoga teachers in training, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals.

Chronic pain is a common and important problem, but many healthcare practitioners, even those in pain management settings, do not have a clear understanding of modern pain science. Misconceptions about pain can be a major roadblock to effective interventions, including Yoga therapy.

In this course Scott will teach you how to use neuroscience education about the whole body, including the nervous system, to assist your students & clients in trouble in a language they can understand. There is a particular focus on the brain and it, therefore, involves education about the role of thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and superstitions, as well as tissue damage and healing. This model of education is based firmly within the biopsychosocial approach. Pain is seen as not necessarily a sign of damage but more an individual response to threat, real or perceived. Psychological factors have long been known as strong predictors of long term disability and chronic pain. Explaining pain in this way gives a biological base to the psychological factors.

The course will cover

* Scott’s journey of chronic pain
* Innovative, intriguing and captivating approaches to movement when there is
chronic pain.
* Decreasing fear, increasing self efficacy.
Promoting self understanding and self empowerment.
Combining ‘art’ and evidence.
Cycle of pain and best practice neuro plastic models.
* Factors that increase sensitisations & open the pain gate
Catastrophising, pain related anxiety and fear, stress, helplessness
Factors that decrease sensitisations & close the pain gate
* Self efficacy, pain coping strategies, readiness to change, acceptance.

Scott White – Studies & Qualifications:

Yoga Australia: Registered Teacher
Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) – Curtin University
 16 years of private practice as a physiotherapist.
Post Graduate Studies, Pain Science, Sydney University
Dance Medicine Australia Clinical Pilates
Yoga Therapy 2019 – Current. Private tuition with Kale Leaf, Perth


21st and 28th of July 2024

12:00PM – 3:45PM

Cost $350


Sunday 21st and 28th of July 2024


75 Coogee St, Mt Hawthorn


$350 inc GST

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