Calligraphy Yoga with Master Zhen Hua Yang

Yogahub proudly presents Calligraphy Yoga Master, Zhen Hua Yang who will be visiting Perth for the first time in this two day immersion at Yogahub.

Here at Yogahub we don’t throw the word ‘Master’ around lightly. However, Master Yang truly is just that. Coined the ‘teachers teacher’, having given instruction to respected senior Yoga teachers, such as Simon Borg Olivier as well as allowing his methods to be adopted in addressing PTSD in veterans through collaboration with the Warrior Revival Group. Master Yang has also worked with professional athletes such as Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright.

Join Master Yang for an introduction to his 3-dimensional powerful form of movement, which combines QiGong, Thi Chi and martial arts into one powerful healing system. This training is a rich unveiling of knowledge, movement philosophy and secrets that are steeped in ancient methods and techniques passed down from an ancient linage of master teachers.

Master Yang will give practical teachings and guidance of how to use the body, physical movements, breath and Mudra (energy control) for increased energy production and to promote blood, digestive and mental circulation.

These practices allow one to effectively release mental and physical tension, increase suppleness in the body and relieve chronic back and neck pain.

The course will cover the following:

  • developing inner power
  • healing power of movement
  •  feeling and directing energy flow
  • receiving and projecting energy
  • methods for improving blood, mental and digestive circulations
  •  life prolonging aspects of yoga practice
  •  movements to keep youthful body and mind and secrets to graceful ageing.

Master Zhen Hua Yang has been involved in human movement since a young child. His first teachers were the martial arts, and energy masters of Shaolin and WuDang Temples. His teachers, from these temples, were of a very high skill level. They included Hai Deng from Shaolin, who was most famous for his one-finger stand. His teacher from WuDang was an elderly Taoist monk who shared with him knowledge about ying/yang balance, Qi energy production, well-being for life and human longevity. As Master Yang started to get older, his father and grandfather passed onto him their 400 year old family martial arts system, with this too being closely guarded and not available to the general public.

Hear Simon Borg Oliver talk about Calligraphy Yoga


Listen to Torah Bright talk about Calligraphy Yoga

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Saturday 16th March 11:00am to 5:00pm &
Sunday 17th march 12:00pm to 6:00pm


75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn


Early bird price 15th Feb $350 Inc GST
Regular price $385 Inc GST

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