Beginners Immersion 6am 25/11

Discover the incredible physical and psychological benefits of yoga. 

This course is focused on teaching participants the foundations of yoga, such as correct alignment, functional movement, and yogic breathing which apply to most styles of yoga. The aim of the course is to guide you to cultivate a sustainable yoga self practice, or prepare you to attend any class on our timetable. It is based on the tradition of Ashtanga yoga.

Classes are limited to only 10 people so you get lots of personalised attention and we build the intensity of the classes up slowly. 

Everyone is a beginner and Christa provides lots of opportunity for repetition and asking questions. Christa is both a gentle and knowledgeable yoga teacher and her grounded and observant sense of humour ensures nothing ever gets too serious.  

Yogahub is fully equiped dedicated yoga space. We have everything you need. Simply be sure to wear soft clothes you can easily move in.

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25th November to 5th December, 2019
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 6.00am to 7.15am
8 classes over two weeks
Teacher: Christa Boles


75 Coogee Street Mount Hawthron


$140 inc GST

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