Join the Yin Crowd

Yin yoga draws from a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophy framework.  Yin yoga is a restorative and meditative class characterised by long supported pose holds that gently stretch and revitalise connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and fascia.  Unique to this style of practice we allow the muscles to remain at ease while holding the posture in a restful state.  Increased range of movement and healthy lubricated joints are some benefits this style of practice can provide.  Working on these mechanical aspects of the body also assists us to avoid degeneration, fascia fixation and maintain healthy meridian channels.  

Spiritually, the extended pose holds of a yin practice cultivates stillness and patience.  This assists us to relax deeply, nourish the nervous system and move towards a meditative state. 

Yin yoga is a great complement to those are established in a dynamic form of yoga practice and those looking for some time out from stress in their lives, it is also really useful for those ‘ blessed’ with excessive stiffness seeking to increase flexibility.  Yin classes are suitable for all levels of yogi.  If yin yoga sounds right for you try our specialist classes – The Yin Crowd and Yin & Tonic classes which is a combination of myofascial release and static poses and our popular Friday afternoon class Slow Flow Fridays.

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