Therapeutic Yoga

We offer two specialist yoga options for those in need of more physical, psychological and spiritual care that can be provided in a regular yoga class.

Therapeutic Yoga with Scott White

This class bridges the space for those who have have completed a course of physical rehabilitative treatment but need more care than can be provided in a regular yoga class. Scott White is highly qualified yoga teacher and physiotherapist who is able to offer an individualised approach to specific problems in a class environment. Our Therapeutic yoga class is recommended for those with bad backs, necks and knees. Also those recovering from injury, illness and stress. We welcome casual attendance to class, although appreciate students wishing to attend to book in advance.

You’ll find this class on our weekly timetable on Wednesdays at 4.45 – 5.45pm.

Healcode: Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma sensitive yoga works in conjunction with conventional clinical therapies to support healing by gently assisting survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a safe supportive environment.  This unique yoga therapy supports the body to feel safe, strong and comfortable and teaches people how to recognise and modulate arousal that is felt in the body.

Our 6 week Healcode course effectively brings the body into treatment providing a holistic compliment to conventional talk therapies and can help support healing and recovery by;

  • Soothing the body’s alarm system
  • Learning ways to calm down and self regulate
  • Learning to be present and cultivate positive emotions
  • Increasing spatial awareness and body attunement
  • Practising making choices and taking effective action
  • Decreasing experiences of emotional distress and physical symptoms
  • Reduce activation of sympathetic nervous system, muscle tension & blood pressure
  • Improves emotional regulation skills and impulse control

Healcode is designed to support participants who are already undergoing therapy. Speak to your health professional today about your suitability for the Healcode Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course. You can find upcoming course start dates and enrol in this course through our Events & Courses page.