Qigong is an ancient Chinese Taoist system of standing and moving meditation. Qigong is effective for maintaining a healthy nervous system and cultivating a general sense of well being through mindfully cultivating a sense of relaxed awareness of the mind and body. Practitioners experience the benefits of relaxation by learning how to neutralise stress rather than resisting it and being able to concentrate and co-ordinate their bodies and mind.

Qigong uses circumduction in the three planes of movement and a method of moving from your centre (core) to develop whole body integrated movement. Qigong is a natural and safe body and mind practice that is easy to learn and supports health, healing and longevity.

Some of the skills you will acquire from practicing Qigong include:

  • The healing power of whole body movement
  • Feeling and developing inner power
  • Absorbing and projecting energy flow
  • Methods for improving vitality including blood circulation & digestion

If you are after a mind/body practice that develops awareness and delivers both mental and physical relaxation, as well as a general feeling of improved wellbeing, Qigong is for you.

NB* Circumduction refers to a conical movement of a body part, such as a ball and socket joint or the eye. Circumduction is a combination of flexion, extension, adduction and abduction and is an integral movement in Spinning Hands training for example.

Level: Suitable for all levels of practitioner. You’ll find this class at 4.30 -5.45pm Tuesdays on our weekly timetable