Class Descriptions



One to One Practice in a Group Setting

A Mysore setting is a traditional way of practicing Ashtanga yoga that offers a highly personalised approach without the cost of a private lesson and with all the supportive group energy created in a conventional class. 
The Mysore class is not led like a conventional ‘talk through’ yoga class.  In a Mysore setting you’ll find students who are new to practicing yoga, moderately experienced students and those who have practiced many years all practising in quiet harmony together. 
Because the teacher is freed from leading the group collectively, they are able to move around the room to correct, adjust and instruct each person individually.  If you need a few minutes with your teacher to really grasp a posture or instruction they are able to focus on you one on one while other students continue on with their practice. 
This class is for those who already have a foundation in practicing the primary, second or third series of Ashtanga yoga.  You have the option to practice three, five or six times per week.  
If you don’t practice Ashtanga yoga, but have a specific practice memorised you are also welcome to attend as the fundamentals of yoga apply across all styles of yoga and we can still help you improve your practice. 
If you do not have an existing Mysore practice but would like to start we recommend you start with one of our excellent beginners courses. 
Out of town visitors with an established practice are most welcome to drop into this class and will be warmly welcomed.  For more information see the ‘Mysore Mornings’ page.



A guided Ashtanga Primary Series talk through class.  Some knowledge of the Ashtanga Primary Series is required.

You are also welcome to do a Mysore self practice.

Drop ins are welcome.

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A led class of creatively sequenced moderately paced Vinyasa and Iyengar style yoga poses. This class uses fluid movement and a focus on the breath to lengthen, strengthen and stabilise the body.

Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels of yogi.  Drop ins are welcome.

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This is a fiery, fun and dynamic vinyasa class with loads of heat to get you energised and moving.
Pick up the pace and move in rhythm to the breath, build heat and find your focus as we explore a variety of poses and challenging fun sequences designed to help you build strength and flexibility.
Lenghten, strengthen and breathe.

Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels of yogi.

Drop ins are welcome.


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Yin yoga is a restorative and meditative class characterised by long supported pose holds that gently stretch and revitalises connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and fascia.

Yin classes are suitable for all levels of yogi.  Drop ins are welcome.

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We move through a series of floor based yoga asana held for a few minutes , designed to bring our attention closer to the inner body our explore our relationship with our breath. These postures are intermingled a reprise of gentle conscious moments and myofascial release techniques. Yin and Tonic is for you if you are looking for a practice that will nourish and release tension from the body and refresh the mind and spirit.

Suitable for all levels of yogi.  Drop ins are welcome.

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Some things never go out of fashion.

Great yoga is one of them.  Join us as we take you back to where it all began with a general yoga class designed to allow time to hold and explore each pose in full.

There is a joyful approach with a strong focus on refining alignment, increasing flexibility and building long lean muscle.  Expect to smile your way in and out of some fun yoga challenges during this hands down, truly fantastic, ‘old school’ yoga session.

Drop ins are welcome.

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Let yourself be guided into a sweet and juicy slow flow practice.

Incorporating pranayama, asana, poetry and meditation – Flow Motion is a mindful vinyasa practice where we focus on linking breath to the movement, allowing us to stay totally present.  Weaving all the elements of a traditional practice, we start with a breathing exercise before warming up with the Surya Namaskara series followed by longer standing holds, balances, forward and backbends, twists and gentle inversions.  We end with a short but effective meditation practice and a glorious long savasana.

Weaving elements of myth, poetry and wonder, we will take us on a journey dissolving physical and mental tension, and gently guiding us towards greater clarity, self acceptance and love.

Suitable for all levels.  Drop ins are welcome.

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Loris’ challenging and buoyant class is just what every body needs to jumpstart their Sunday and reset yourself for the coming week.

Based on Hatha and Iyengar yoga traditions salute your Sunday with some standing postures and some seated postures to wake up your hips, your spine and your back.  Play with inversions and feel enlivened.

Natural yoga at its Sunday best.  Suitable for all levels of yogi.  Drop ins are welcome.

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Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga postural and breath training are readily available in this day and age. They will improve your health, mental clarity and general well-being if taught and practiced correctly. But yoga has always been so much more than that.  If you have only practiced asana, one must consider this, ‘How many lifetimes are you going to prepare this seat before you decide to finally sit on it?’

Pranayama: By practising Pranayama, one improves the strength of the diaphragm, the capacity of the lungs and the efficiency of the respiratory system. We increase both the amount of oxygen and prana (vital life force) entering the system. In time, we are able to maintain more efficient and optimal breathing, increase vital energy, concentration and creativity. Pranayama also forms a bridge between body-mind and spirit, and is a complete Yogic path in itself for awakening latent energies.

Meditation: Thinking is useful, but most of us do it too much. We get exhausted by the endless stream of hopes, worries, fantasies, plans and dialogues. This process of excessive thinking not only wastes a great deal of our energy, but ironically, actually begins to affect the quality of thought. A tired mind tends to scatter and get lost in trivia. To think effectively, we need an occasional rest from thinking, just as the body is not designed to be active all day and night, but needs deep sleep in order to keep functioning well. In fact, the value of meditation becomes more obvious when we realize that the mind and body are intimately connected, and that an imbalance in the mind soon affects the body as well.

Meditation is any technique that relaxes the body and clears the mind. In meditation, the body is relaxed, but the mind is focused. Unlike standard physical relaxation, in which the body is at ease, but the mind wanders, meditation balances relaxation and alertness. With regular practice, we find an overflow from formal sitting meditation, to improved awareness most of the time. Apart from an increase in mental clarity, most people experience an improvement in emotional health, lowering of stress levels, and a general sense of well-being when they meditate regularly. Of course, there are even deeper levels to experience for the serious practitioner.

This course will be geared towards the beginner and intermediate practitioner alike, commencing with some simple warm up movements, after which we will sit for a structured practice of various Pranayamas, preparing us for the meditation techniques that will follow.  A short Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) to finish the session. This is a safe and holistic session for those interested in the higher branches of the yoga tree.  It will provide you with the tools to commence a home practice.

Pranayama and Meditation runs on Sunday afternoons as a 6 week course. The next course starts in April 2017.  To enrol go to the Beginners Tab on our live schedule.

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