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A lot has been waxed lyrical about the health benefits of yoga and so it’s simple to see why over 200 million people practice yoga worldwide.

Most find yoga in gyms, which offer not much more than novel and atypical exercise classes, skimming the surface of what yoga has to offer. But you have to start somewhere and some of the most dedicated yogis I know started that way.

One way or another the practice wakes them up to the path of yoga, offering them so much more and once that flame is lit, yoga is with you for life.

The smorgasbord of yoga available – yin, vinyasa, hot yoga, ashtanga, yin & yang, Iyengar, hatha, Kundalini, Jivamukti and much much more – is for you to explore and play and to grow with and how deep you immerse yourself in, is a personal journey. What hairstyle to wear to each is another. But back to that later.

With extreme lifestyle and environmental changes, hair loss is becoming a common problem. So how does yoga help with bad hair days, even better than high-end hair salons?

  • Yoga stimulates the scalp by increasing oxygen and blood flow in it, rejuvenating the hair follicles and nourishing the dry limp hair
  • Yoga reduces stress which is one of the main causes of hair loss
  • Yoga improves digestion which is a factor in hair degeneration
  • The thyroid gland is regulated by regular yoga practice, which in turn promotes hair growth because… thyroid gland.
  • Pranayama, breathing exercises, like kepala bhati help to oxygenate the body and scalp and which also helps in maintaining healthy hair.


So now you have lustrous locks, how do we tame them during your practice?

My dead straight Chinese hair is stubborn when I have layers (fabulous off the mat though) And it’s heavy when all one length. It’s like an extra limb to consider while I steady my breath, bandhas and dristhi.

Top knots and ponytails get in the way during supta kurmasana, prasarita padottasana, and sirsasana. Not to mention chakrasana after supine postures like supta utthita hasta padangustasana and post-sarvangasana.

I dream of shaving my head for my yoga practice; how easy would that make everything?   But I just don’t share that level of dedication – ala male cyclists.

Here are some styles to workshop and in my opinion, the style of classes they’d work in–

  • The low messy bun – great for headstands and Iyengar yoga
  • The French plait – lengthen your connective tissue and ligaments while you yin out and end with everyone’s favourite pose, savasana. The plait seems to like it when you lie down too.
  • Half up – This style gets your hair out of your face and doesn’t require any work and time (French braiding at 5am anyone???) Perfect if you have loads of hair and loads of texture
  • Double French braids or pigtail braids – Vinyasa and ashtanga yoga but 5am, seriously?


But truly the ultimate yoga hairstyle is the Princess Leia – The iconic double bun helped the leader of the Rebel Alliance thwart the sinister Sith Lord Darth Vadar and can also keep the force with you while you effortlessly float up into pincha mayurasana or find balance in bakasana.

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