Corporate Yoga

Invite yoga into your work day and boost the well being of your office and team.

Virabhadrasana A

We will help get you & your workmates fit, healthy and flexible in both mind and body.  From there, the results include the benefits of reduced stress plus the added bonus of improved physical health.

For some employees, finding the time to fit in exercise or getting the motivation is too hard. But when you all participate as a group, the outcome is manifold.

Whether it is a one off session for a wellness day or ongoing sessions on a 6 – 10 week basis, Yogahub can help in the following way

  • Higher staff morale
  • Decrease in illness & absenteeism
  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims
  • Better inter-staff relations
  • Improved customer relations
  • Higher productivity

The organiser will receive a Yogahub class pass for each session booked.

Integrate yoga in to your work day and see why everyday is a good day to do yoga.

To find out more please email or call us on
(08) 9443 6206