Ale began her yoga journey seven years ago with a dedicated Bikram yoga practice and was at first drawn to the physical aspect of class as well as the focus and commitment that was demanded by it.

Finding yoga as a place to create space both spiritually and physically, she began to appreciate the practice as a medium in which students were given the opportunity to connect their body and mind in a safe environment. In recent years she has been able to expand her love of yoga through other styles- vinyasa, yin, yoga nidra and meditation.  Coupled with her university degree in Biomedical Science, Ale’s firm understanding of human anatomy has enabled her to give purpose to every asana.

Having studied and completed certificates with both Power Living North Perth and Byron Bay Yoga Centre, Ale believes in the importance of yin and yang. She brings this notion of balance to the mat in her classes by emphasising the necessity for both movement and rest.

You’ll no doubt sweat and nourish your joints but always be rewarded with juicy restorative poses under her guidance.