Meet Your Yogahub Teachers


Sarcha is an advanced practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga.  She has practiced various forms of yoga since 1990 and has practiced Ashtanga yoga daily in the Mysore tradition since 1997.

As our principal Ashtanga and Mysore teacher Sarcha focuses on helping her students develop breath integration with functional movement and alignment patterns.  Off the mat her wish is that this translates to more grace, stability and compassion in her students’ lives.

Her own lifelong commitment to yoga includes maintaining a steady daily practice through injury, life’s ups and downs, raising children and adapting to ageing.  Sarcha teaches with a humility that comes from many years of dedicated practice and she infuses her teaching with kindness and humour.  Grounded and highly knowledgeable in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, Sarcha’s approach welcomes both beginners and advanced students alike.

Sarcha began her yoga journey as one of the original students of Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle in 1997.  She completed a 4 year (750 hours) teacher training in 2009 and continued to work closely with her teachers eventually holding a senior teacher position and assisting her teachers in teacher training roles before opening Yogahub with Gigi Mok in 2015.

Sarcha is a ERYT500 Certified Teacher with Yoga Alliance and holds a Level 3 Senior Teacher Qualification with Yoga Australia. In addition, she is currently completing a Psychology Degree at the University of Western Australia as well as undergraduate studies in Sanskrit language at the Australian National University. Sarcha practices and is competent to teach the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A Series of Ashtanga Yoga and also runs regular courses in pranayama, yoga meditation and yoga philosophy.

Sarcha remains a curious student of yoga and is committed to sharing the gifts of yoga with everyone.

“Yoga is both my anchor and my sail, the discipline of daily practice provides a grounding to life’s challenges and triumphs.  The spiritual practice helps to illuminate the path ahead and keeps me growing in the right direction.  To develop a sincere and consistent practice over time brings yoga’s gifts of a strong and healthy body, the ability to focus the mind, and a place where I can turn inwards towards my true nature.

Teaching is a joyful experience for me.  My approach is warm and inclusive, catering to the individual’s capabilities with a strong focus on correct technique.  It’s a real highlight helping to connect my students with the practice and then seeing them embrace their own journey along the yogic path.”


Gigi has a natural affinity with people and is a vivacious, warm, sharing communicator.  If Gigi can’t make you fall in love with yoga… no one can!

Gigi’s energy and courage to live a full life saw her juggling yoga, motherhood and, for well over a decade, a successful career as owner of one of Perth’s highly celebrated hospitality businesses.  Recently making the decision to change gears and move into movement and manual therapy has allowed Gigi to focus her passion for yoga & Structural Integration.

Her initial foray in yoga began with Iyengar yoga in 1996, but her Iyengar teacher urged her to practise the Ashtanga tradition and she has never looked back.

Ashtanga yoga suited her hypermobile body as the strength it built gave her hyper mobile body the stability it needed.  That stability permeated other aspects of her life and provided a welcome sense of grounding.

Introduced to yoga and Trancendental Meditation as a child by her parents, she rediscovered yoga on her own terms as a young adult & began a lifelong process to integrate yoga into her life.

Gigi has completed a 350 hour teacher training studying under her longtime teachers, internationally renowned Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle.  Although relatively new to teaching she has over 19 years experience practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga and in addition, has a degree in Visual Art.

Gigi is also a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner (500hrs) and has completed the Anatomy Trains workshop for movement therapists with Art in Motion.  She was handed her fascia goggles by Tom Myers, Lou Benson & Julie Hammond and continues to further her training with Bodywork Education Australia.

“I offer my clients a different approach to postural imbalances and chronic pain patterns of a structural nature through my many years as a movement person.”


Sally’s inspiring classes blend Vinyasa and Iyengar styles to create flowing and challenging sequences in coordination with the breath.  Expect tapas, alignment and technique exploration that will create a supportive scaffolding for your body for all yoga poses.

Sally joins Yogahub with over a decade of teaching experience and has an exceptionally good radar for catering to various ability levels in her classes.  Offering variations and modifications for all levels to ensure all her student’s are able to participate and enjoy yoga with her.

Sally also has a Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) from WAAPA which has given her an insight into encouraging people of all levels to explore what their body is capable of.  She has been teaching yoga since 2006 after finishing her teacher training at Fremantle Yoga Centre.  While she has trained in many styles of yoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions have been most influential in her teaching.  Her dedicated daily Ashtanga practice has inspired her to pass on the information that she has learnt onto her students.


Loris’ classes are yoga served ’straight up’ at it’s best.  A veteran of the Perth yoga scene, and with 20 years of personal practice under his belt, Loris knows yoga inside and out.  If you looking for a genuine, down to earth teacher who can also sport a sense of humour Loris’ classes might be just what you’re looking for.  Check out his credentials.

Loris began his yoga journey as a long term student of John Leebold, who is considered Australia’s most senior Iyengar teacher.  He also spent some time studying with the legendary Nicky Knoff and in 2006 travelled to the Ramayani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune to work with the Iyengars themselves.

His classes draw inspiration from Iyengar yoga.  Characterised by slightly longer pose holds with the intention of creating space for students to increase flexibility, find and refine alignment, build strong long lean muscle and focus the mind.


Christa’s qualities of warmth and openness make her classes simply a lovely to place to be. With a natural confidence, and just a hint of mischief, Christa has a gift for building a sense of connection within her classes and bringing out the best in her students.

Having a background in gymnastics, dance and martial arts, Christa was fortunate from a young age to experience the powerful connection that exists between breath and movement. Being introduced to yoga by a close friend many years ago Christa found there was so much more to be discovered and she continues deepen her knowledge from Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga traditions.

Christa’s background in adult mental health has also ignited a keen interest in the philosophical side of yoga.  Christa believes that the philosophical aspects of yoga are more relevant than ever in today’s modern world and can provide a rich source of practical information on how to live happily and with resilience.

“For me, yoga is a beautiful gift that continues to both give and forgive each and every day.

Yoga, with its intelligent, purposeful 8 Limbs, opened a window to something much deeper.  I like to think of yoga as something akin to a warm, cozy jumper for my mind, body and soul.  It just feels like the perfect place to be.

I continue to learn from and be inspired by the diversification of every person I meet in the yoga community, especially by those students who choose to take their first tentative steps on to their mats.  It is a very special place to just be.”


In his classes Indi (Russell) aims to bring joy and lightness to the spirit, and from this space, guide students into deeper states of relaxation and stillness.  It is his hope that students step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.

Yoga has been a part of Indi’s life since 2001 when he began to explore new ways to work through digestive issues and stress. Practicing regularly lead to massive improvements in physical and mental health and began a love affair that’s grown deeper through the years.

Committed to walking his talk, Indi has been affectionately dubbed the Yogahub yoga geek! This is not surprising when you join an inquisitive scientific mind (Indi is also a geophysicist) and a deep yearning for spirit.  Not content with skimming the surface Indi seeks to know and experience yoga at the deepest level and continues with serious study into sanskrit, philosophy and meditation.

In 2015 he completed his 500hr teacher training in ashtanga yoga.  Indi is known for his friendly and quirky approach to teaching and for his proficiency and generosity in sharing his knowledge


Gail began practicing various styles of yoga in 2007, and has maintained a regular ashtanga practice since 2010.  She studied under Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle and completed a 500 hour teacher training program in 2014.
Gail has an eye for detail, teaches with enthusiasm and humour.  She enjoys guiding her students in moving correctly and encouraging them to integrate the many aspects of yoga into everyday life.
‘I consider myself to be a late starter to yoga, but better late then never!  I have tried various styles of yoga, but with ashtanga I immediately experienced a feeling of ‘coming home’ to a familiar path.  
My practice has improved and enriched my life physically, mentally and spiritually – it is truly worth the effort and dedication needed to follow this path
I am ever grateful to my teachers who continue to guide me and are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.’


Morrison began his study of mindfulness and meditation in 1988, and the yoga tradition in 1989 in the Iyengar style.  He began teaching at ‘Tom’s Yoga Room’ in 1993 shortly before beginning practice in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition. Morrison has travelled many times to Mysore, India both with his family and alone studying Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga under both Sri K Pattabhi Jois and the current teacher of this tradition, Sharath Rangaswami.  He has also studied under Sharath on his international teaching tours.

Morrison opened ‘The Scarborough Yoga Centre’; an Ashtanga Vinyasa focused centre in 1996, teaching and managing the centre full time until 2013.  During this time Morrison delivered Teacher Training programs, individual and corporate yoga, along with a traditional morning Ashtanga practice and general classes.

Morrison is a husband and father of two who holds degrees in both Religious studies, and Psychology, and currently works full time as a Psychologist and enjoys teaching yoga part time.


Courtney danced her way all over Australia and the world before she finally found her mat.  Her journey into yoga began 8 years ago in Sydney where she immersed herself in all styles.
Courtney’s training began with Radiantly Alive ‘Vibrant Living Yoga’ and more recently with Tamara Yoga ‘ISTHA’ (Integrated Sciences of Tantra, Hatha and Ayurveda.)
A deep passion for movement, breath work & philosophy weaves itself into her teachings; infusing her classes and leaving you feeling refreshed, balanced, connected and inspired.
Yoga is connection.  Begin your practice on the mat and eventually it will overflow into your life giving you peace and happiness in every precious moment


Amanda Noga is a yoga teacher and creator from the west coast of Australia, seeking to discover the meaning of life; yoga’s wisdom has revealed that creating spaces to come together in conscious community and collaboration brings meaning to life itself
‘I am a yoga, meditation and Ayurveda teacher with a passionate love for the ancient arts and sciences from India.
I was first introduced to yoga as a teen but it wasn’t until travelling solo to India in 2005 that the deeper layers of yoga begin to shape my understanding of the world and trickle into my daily life.
Since then I have been blessed to return to India almost every year to deepen my personal practice and study with senior teachers and the source. I also feel grateful to have had wonderful teachers in the West, since my first 500hr teacher training in 2009 at The Yoga Space in Perth, Australia.
Over the last 5 years I have been studying under the guidance of Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell and Sally Kempton in anchoring the teachings of the Tantras and the Krishnamaycharya lineage.


Renae’s yoga journey began in 2002 when she discovered yoga through a beginners ashtanga course.  In the early years, Renae practiced yoga as a way to stretch in order to avoid injury from running and boxing but also enjoyed the physical challenge that ashtanga provided.

As the years rolled on, and her studies and later work as a primary school teacher became more and more demanding, she found herself retreating to yoga as a way to become more centred and to release stress and anxiety.  After teaching in the Pilbara for two years and experiencing a complete ‘burn out’, her return to Perth allowed a chance to immerse herself in yoga; it evolved into form of therapy & contributed to a period of intense self-growth.

With a new found passion to share the power that she had experience through yoga with others, she embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. It was here that she was able to totally commit and developed a strong and much deeper practice and understanding of yoga and meditation.

Renae specialises in yin yoga classes but also teaches a diversity of styles including hatha, vinyasa flow, ashtanga and power yoga. She also specialises in children’s yoga and teaches mindfulness courses in schools.  She caters to all levels by providing modifications and variations and enjoys working closely with individuals to help them to access their practice safely while encouraging them to find their ‘edge’ & the contemplative element of yoga.


Jane has been practising and studying yoga for more than fifteen years. She completed her teacher’s certificate from the Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2006 and in 2012 became a Level 2 certified teacher with Yoga Australia.

Jane has a special interest in applying the 8 limbs of yoga to her own practice and teachings. She believes the therapeutic application of a yoga wall means that those with scoliosis, back, neck, knee or hip injuries, postural alignment problems or arthritis can practice yoga asanas to bring long lasting pain relief.

This lifelong investigation inspires her to study the therapeutic application of posture, breath and meditation.


Satyen is a medical doctor and level 3 senior registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia; a Transformational Therapist who has also studied Tibetan Energy Work and Tantra whilst living with his Master in the Himalayas.

Satyen has been teaching for more than 25 years and started to work specifically with trauma in individual yoga sessions and small groups about 5 years ago. He has worked with  body-oriented psychotherapy methods in groups and individual sessions since the early 1980’s. Satyen continues to study closely with renowned world leader in the field of Trauma and the developer of Somatic Experiencing Training, Peter Levine.


Ale began her yoga journey seven years ago with a dedicated Bikram yoga practice and was at first drawn to the physical aspect of class as well as the focus and commitment that was demanded by it.

Finding yoga as a place to create space both spiritually and physically, she began to appreciate the practice as a medium in which students were given the opportunity to connect their body and mind in a safe environment. In recent years she has been able to expand her love of yoga through other styles- vinyasa, yin, yoga nidra and meditation.  Coupled with her university degree in Biomedical Science, Ale’s firm understanding of human anatomy has enabled her to give purpose to every asana.

Having studied and completed certificates with both Power Living North Perth and Byron Bay Yoga Centre, Ale believes in the importance of yin and yang. She brings this notion of balance to the mat in her classes by emphasising the necessity for both movement and rest.

You’ll no doubt sweat and nourish your joints but always be rewarded with juicy restorative poses under her guidance.


Eight limbs of yoga
A hub of tranquillity
Found on the pathway

Linc feels that his strength and passion is to make yoga accessible to everyone, even those who do not feel like they are going to be natural yogis because of the mental barriers that we put in place.

My skin wants the sun
Earth slowly turning upwards
Spring flower blossom

Linc loves asana, pranayama and meditation equally.

Night of a new moon
The bamboo forest dweller
Waits by the river 

“I have a passion and deep love for yoga and the philosophy behind it. I believe that this spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years is more relevant now than ever in this modern world, teaching us how to be kind to ourselves and the people around us while keeping us fit, healthy and happy.”

Breathe in, Ujjayi
Find that place in between breaths
Breathe out, let it go

The freedom that has come to Linc through yoga has sparked a passion for writing haiku poetry, something he could have not even attempted previously due to his inhibitions.

Stare into the fire
Rewind an eon, feel warmth
With your primal heart